Thursday, April 1, 2010

Road Safety

You may underestimate a lot of things but you better not underestimate the importance of road safety. In today's age when life literally runs on roads it is better to be safe than sorry.

Every other day we have to use the roads, be it on foot, in a car or in a public transport like bus. In this chaotic mess even the slightest of carelessness may lead to nothing short of a fatal disaster. Thus it is no wonder that road safety cannot be compromised with. Road safety is no rocket science. There are some basic road safety rules - you follow them and you can stay assured off your safety on roads.

If you are on foot or on two wheeler, you are most vulnerable on road and you should better keep your eyes and ears open. Strictly adhering to traffic rules will surely reduce the chances of any accident but you must always look out because people around you may not be following the rules. People must be very careful while crossing busy roads on foot. Never shy away from using subway or over bridges. Riding two wheelers requires high levels of alertness and one should not try too many tricks on busy roads.

Larger cars and buses trucks are comparably safer but the drivers have a greater responsibility. Mistakes committed by them may cost lives of others.

Roads shall ever remember chaotic mess as we see them today but road travel is indispensable. What is required is strict adherence to all traffic rules by one and all. We must all follow traffic rules and not because the law says so but because it is our moral responsibility and an insurance of our own safety.

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