Friday, July 23, 2010

Be the Change you want to See

 Be the Change you want to see

Folded Corner: A babu is a bureaucrat in Hindi.


A neta is a minister or senator or any political leader.


Mantri ka beta refers to the son of a minister(1)

This is India, Oh my friend,
And corruption is the current trend,
If you think the system can work,
Then I think you are a dork.
From lazy babu to lousy neta,
And the arrogant mantri ka beta,
Always on the lookout you see…
To cheat people like you and me
Some say the pen is stronger…
Nah! I don’t think any longer.
‘Tis said actions speak loudly,
But now money speaks more proudly!!!
Once Gandhi spoke in flesh & blood,
And to listen people came in a flood.
Folded Corner: Hopefully everyone knows Gandhi and his march to 

Suppandi is a famous cartoon character in Indian comic book “TINKLE”.

For more info: days his face on currency notes,
Can buy you things like even votes.
Once that man called Gandhi,
Had walked miles up to Dandi,
But it’s neither Gandhi nor Dandi…
Kids now prefer to read Suppandi.
Times have changed, so has values
(I’m not talking about price of ‘aloos’)
It’s moral values I’m talking about,
Which people these days openly flout!
They call it as the land of wonders,
And about it sometimes myself ponders
How the country’s still running
Despite these people – cruel and cunning.
And the biggest wonder of them all,
Is coexistence of big and small.
Famished children around food stalls,
Homeless people near shopping malls.
Hunger as well as obesity,
Villages around a megacity.
Drought along with hydroelectricity…
Wow!! That’s unity in diversity!!!!


We Indians always in demand,
In far away and foreign land,
Folded Corner: NRI (Non Resident Indian)… Indian citizen living 
abroad any chance that we get,
To leave this land and forget.
Then a few decades later,
Growing a few inches fatter,
We criticize our homeland
In a language that’s so bland.
But have you bloody NRIs
While eating your Kentucky Fries,
Ever thought of lending a helping hand
To your bleeding homeland???
The world has been conquered by you,
And about it you cry and hue
But do you think that it will matter
To the homeless boy with an empty platter?
So leave that stupid chicken fry
And come back home you NRI…
It’s time you pay back to the country
That has helped you always selflessly.
If you really want to make a change,
Over a really broad range,
Stop speaking or writing about it
And start doing something you nitwit.
Nothing is changing, nothing will…
Netas will promise but never fulfill.
You vote one out, another will come…
Marks my words, he’ll be more dumb.
The country’s not sixty-something
And the ruler’s seventy-something.
And I think you are the biggest fool
If you expect changes during their rule!!!


‘Twas Wisely said by Mr. Gandhi,
“Be the change you want to see”
Enough with these corrupt old MPs
Who’ve made taxpayers’ pockets empty
And these murderers and conspirators,
Who’ve managed to become our legislators.
We’ve tolerated them enough…
All they do is always bluff.
Few terrorists came here by boat,
But hundreds of them come by vote.
It’s time we voted someone better
A man of his word and letter.
And if you don’t get such a man…
Who stops you from becoming that man???
And if you become the man we need,
Folded Corner: Electronic Voting Machine sure, we’ll vote you indeed.
Corrupt MPs are not willingly voted,
Nor is that their votes bloated.
But when we go out to vote,
And the ball is then in out court.
But, you see, the names on the EVM,
Are all of no good… Such a shame.
Not that the public likes them much,
But there’s no choice…. The problem’s such.
There are social workers out there.
Even NGOs do their fair share.
But the country’s not run by them,
And we need better men for the same.


Thus it was not said worthlessly
“Be the change you want to see”
To be able to change the system,
You have to be part of the same.
Nothing will change overnight…
For that we’ve to struggle and fight.
It’ll need a lot of patience,
Combined with some confidence.
Brothers and Sisters, the future’s at stake,
We have to act for our own sake
And if right now we don’t act fast
Who knows how long India will last???
Hold my hand, the time has come,
‘Tis been long time we’ve stayed mum.
Down with hatred and corruption…
Prejudices and presumption.
Let’s establish Utopia
Right here in India.
The Kingdom described in ancient shlokas
And dreamt of by the Rams and Ashokas
A dream for which many great men…
Laid down their lives and suffered pain.
For it we don’t need ancient sages
Nor saviors from distant ages.
We have to be our own Messiahs…

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