Friday, November 5, 2010


She’s the epitome of love,
She defines sacrifice...
She cares for others first,
She’s always free of vice.

She’ll be there for you,
When you need her most,
She’ll find you out,
When you’re totally lost...

Mother’s divine...
She’s never selfish.
She’s always there,
To grant our each wish.

She cares for one,
She cares for all.
Before her eyes,
No one is big or small.

She gives new life,
She’s the creator supreme...
She’s greater than god,
To us it seems!!!

She has always been,
More than the sum of her parts,
And she’ll always remain,
In the depths of our hearts.

Mother! We salute you,
We all admire thee...
None comes before you,
We all do agree... 

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