Wednesday, December 1, 2010

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From: Arnav Gupta <>
Date: 1 December 2010 18:47
Subject: Editor, Delhi

Please save the precious 'Ratnas' !

Regarding Ambika Pandit's "Ratna gets help…"(Dec 1), firstly I convey thanks to TOI to give it front-page status. It is not, as we all know, an incident extraordinaire. It happens every day, and just as I sit writing this, another Ratna might be sitting hapless in another corner of the city. For the past few months the front page has remain overpopulated with CWG, Adarsh, 2G etc. But I believe that scams will continue and they will hardly ever make any difference to our daily lives, let alone Ratna's because she probably doesn't even know, and neither requires to, the full form of 2G and CVC. Rather more articles like this should come up on front page to occasionally give the much required harsh jolt to our conscience which has already turned stone cold. That article I believe was not to attract the attention of authorities but of the average citizen. Next time you see another Ratna, please don't turn away, but instead take a step to turn Delhi into a city that does care for women.

Arnav Gupta,


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