Saturday, December 18, 2010

Opening my Old Passport

So, how it all started?? Well, rummaging through my things, what do i come across?? An old 320 GB WD Passport (external HDD).

So does it work?? NO i checked it... It doesn't... now what???  Of course pry it open... How?? just use some force. (If u don't have nails, a screwdriver can help)
This is how it looks after opening the first "coating" of packaging

 And after prying open the metal case as well ===>>>

So now what next??

Pull out the stupid USB controller that has got fried up. (Ya i'm sure it's the initio chip only... the disk is ok i know)

Now comes the better part of the "adventure"... pull out a few wires from your PC... I love red, so i pulled out a red cord. U can pull out blue out too if u find blue wires inside. And connect your hdd to those cords... ... So what have you done???!!!! Any idea???? You just increased your storage space by 320 GB!!!!! Wow!!! ok ok calm down... it's temporary... and that too you are now not yet sure if it works.... When u boot up, the drive will vibrate. Don't get surprised and pleeeease don drop the drive frm ur hand out of panic.

OK.... So it worked...(see I told you earler that it would).... now surprise, surprise... it contained relli relli relli important and confidential data in it???? Can u imagine it??? Important data rotting in a corrupt passport??? Ok so I did the backup of it... now out for the "dirty" part of the adventure... Lets have a closer look at the disk b4 we begin

Now guess what next??? take a screw driver??? (if u can't find one then u are screwed). And then... well... wot then??? jus un-screw each and every screw on the drive's body.... Yes yes yes I know it's crazy... but that's the fun damnit.

This is sumwhat lyk the drives own "motherboard"... all the controller chips and all... Before you end up snapping it into two halves , screw it back up.

Now let's open the other side of the drive to see "andar kya hai" (u see those multitude of srews strewn on my matress??? well... if u loose a single one, u are screwed once again)

Now lemme have a close, relli close, look at the "andar ki baat"
 You see my finger prints on it?? well... wen u open ur own drive, pls don smudge it wid ur prints... mine one was fried so i afforded to touch it.... if u touch urs, then it'll be gone forever.

Amazing na??? the intricate details??? the minuscule read/write head, the motor.... jus mindblowing technology.

Now b4 u fall in luv wid ur stripped down hdd, please drape it in its clothes back again.

Thank you.
Happy (un)screwing.

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