Saturday, January 8, 2011

Making Corn (the perfect "home-alone" recipe)

So you are alone at home and you open the fridge (purely out of habit) and find a kilogram of corn (maize kernels if you like) lying there. So what can you make with it??? Need help??? Here I am at your service. Facing a similar situation, this is what I ended up doing last week.

 Transfer the kernels into a microwave safe bowl. If you are a hygine freak (unlike me) then please use latex gloves.

Now this is minimum cleanliness... So pour some water into the bowl, rinse it well, and let the water run off into the sink.

Then in it goes. Let it be inside the microwave oven for a minute or two. (Don't forget to turn on the oven before that)

Next go hunting to your refrigerator and take out anything and everything that you might feel like adding to your preparation. In short take all those "interesting" things like cheese, mayonnaise, ketchup et al.

By this time your preliminary round of heating might be over. So take out the bowl and pour in all the interesting stuff you brought from the fridge.

Now here is a risky step. I found these two jars of powdered "masala" (spice) in my kitchen.
I had no idea what they were. (Turned out later one was something like chat masala and the other one was for usage with kebabs). If you also come across such masala jars in your kitchen, please do have a sniff at them. If the look like usable as garnishing, then use it (of sourse purely at your own risk). U might run into "garam masala powder" of "jeera powder" and lemme tell you, pouring such spices raw into your corn preparatoin may lead to disaster. So rely on your smell-instincts to choose whether the masala is appropriate for garnishing. To me it felt like it can be used as garnishing.

Next, i caught a fleeting of mustard sauce in my fridge, so i poured in a very minute amount of it into my preparation to see how it looks like.
My own preparatoin turned out "finger licking good" but i can't guarantee how your's might end up. Anyways hapy "corning".

  1. If you have fresh cream anywhere, please do not hesitate to use. (i'm about to try that tomorrow)
  2. You might squeeze a bit lemon into it too.  [nimbu] (--advice courtesy my friend Shelly, so if it gets sour, she's to blame, not me)


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