Friday, March 25, 2011

That day

I clearly remember that day,
When I had floundered my way

Or was it my baptism bath??
The day I found the correct path??

I was standing on my balcony
That looked over my colony

Below the cars kept on coming
My neighbour’s stereo kept humming

The distant dogs were barking
While I gazed the stars, sparkling

I lost track of time as it flew by,
I got lost in the empty sky

Out ahead, in front of me,
Darkness slushed in like the sea

Inside my home, behind me,
Switches were turned on with glee

Light after light came on
(which would stay lit till dawn)

I didn’t turn back, I stared ahead
Clouds came swirling in my head

In the dark outdoors I could feel a magic,
While the bright indoors looked so tragic

There was substance in the darkness
Something I wanted to harness

Back inside, there were lures aplenty
And yet that day it all looked so empty

Decorated, scented with perfumes,
Those brightly lit numerous rooms

Hold me back it could no more,
That world I could no longer adore

In the fog the light of the streetlamp,
Had got lost, and created a swamp

Back inside, the incandescent light
Was shining sharp, clear and bright

But the streetlight glow spread far and wide,
While the room’s walls stopped the incandescent’s stride

I could not see the moon anywhere,
But I knew, I felt, it was out there

The fog, the mist, thickened into a cocktail
in the sky outside, and inside my mind as well

Everything was blurred, it made no sense
Hard to make out real and pretence

I know I could have turned back
And get everything back on track

I could just have gone back into my room,
But I could not. It now looked like a tomb.

The darkness ahead was beckoning me,
I too, wanted to plunge into that sea

My mind, my soul, wanted to be free
I wanted to fly like a little birdie

One last time, I turned, looked back
It looked like a cage, not a shack.

That moment I made up my mind,
I was going to leave it all behind.

Everything around me started to burn,
I’d crossed the point of no return.

What I did I had no idea
How it happened? Oh my dear.

I still wonder if I lost my way,
Or was I born anew that very day.

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