Friday, June 10, 2011

We...the people of India

We are the careless people of india,
We can’t take care, nana nah!!!
Loosing children at fairs,
Tripping down the stairs,
Giving away secret information,
Arriving late at the train - station,
We think after we act,
And that is a hard fact.

We are the brave people of india,
You can’t scare us my dear!!!
Crossing the closed railway track,
Pulling out things from topmost rack,
Walking on road, not footpath,
In winters, taking cold water bath
To any extreme we can go,
May the hot and cold blow

We are the talkative people of india,
Maintain silence? No way yaar!!!
Useless bargaining with veggie vendor,
Pointless banter with opposite gender
Predicting the outcome of a cricket game
Discussing daily soaps with energy same
We can go to any extent,
To avoid remaining silent.

We are the shameless people of India,
Chattering away blah blah blah….
Asking for extra sauce at KFC,
Mixing Chat masala in pepsi,
Not paying  parking fees,
Peeing behind the  trees,
We are one of our kind,
However we are, never mind,

We are the lazy people of India,
We’re never active, it’d appear,
Getting home delivery of meals,
Covering walking distance on wheels,
Outsourcing of sales,
Auto-reply of emails,
Rather than work, we’d take a nap
We’re in laziness’s vicious trap.

We’re the outspoken people of india,
No one can outspeak us ever…
Shouting slogans at political rally,
Winning world wars, just verbally,
Always getting our point across,
Showing others who’s the boss,
Our praise we ourselves sing,
In the shouting field, we are king.

We’re the corrupt people of India,
The vigilance commission we never fear
Scamming people and making money,
Mixing water and adulterating honey,
Building bridges that collapse a day later,
Using public money to make our wallets fatter
Every devious trick is up our sleeve,
That’s a fact you better believe

We are the religious people of India,
Actually god’s the only one we fear.
Keeping a fast, 8 days a week,
Everywhere divine intervention we seek,
Stomaching stale Prasad in god’s name
To get work done, it’s god’s wish we proclaim
Here even gods in court cases do fight
But also god’s name can get people to unite.

We are the couch potatoes of India,
When we watch TV, you better steer clear
Kalmadi gets arrested on NDTV,
What happened to Anandi?? Cries your biwi
You switch to ESPN to catch the score
But Cartoon is one which least does bore.
We are crazy television freaks,
We can keep watching on for weeks.

We are the foodies of India,
From food we get pleasure sheer.
Scrounging bread at ‘paranthagali’
Taking morsels the size of Great Khali
College girls who eat ‘oil-less’ fries
Devouring unhygienic food despite mom’s cries
Just eat pray and live…
Is the mantra that we believe


  1. haha, u have a blog!!

    I love reading blogs :) Am too chicken to make one myself, and actually joined AP to get over the urge to blog (because I knew I'd never have time to update it, lol)!

    Yes, there are expectations now...u need to update it every so often :P nah, jokes...looking forward to reading more interesting things by you! :)

  2. btw, the 'shameless people' and the 'foodies' pix made my LOL :P good job :)

  3. the shameless people one, i was actuallu searching for some chat-masala-into-pepsi type of pics. peeing was not my first preference being a little vulgar. ;-D but in the end i felt that was the most appropriate pic for that stanza only. lol

  4. another 'illustrated' poem of mine.

    in fact that's my first such venture. that turned out pretty good so i went ahead with this poem too.

  5. As an American woman married to a Tamilian man, I am so sorry that you view your culture that way. I have been to India many times and I leave a part of me there everytime I go. My husband and I have raised our children to be proud of their heritage. I know the corruption is bad amongst other things, but build your people up! Don't knock them down. It hurts your fellow Indians to see these kind of poems generalizing their country. I know my husband works hard to be different and not get the "typical" Indian label. It never ceases to amaze me at how hard yor culture works to become who they are. It makes me proud!
    P.S. When I go to India I live as a citizen, not a tourist. I am fully aware of the
    backwards things that happens, but it is everywhere you go.


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