Tuesday, September 20, 2011


My eyes often wander,

To places here and there,

There’s something to notice

I look anywhere…

My eyes are hardly looking

At what they should be,

I notice those little things

That other’s never see

And then that day,

I looked out at the sky,

The clouds were making

Shapes up high.

Nobody notices those

Silvery drops on the grass,

No one notices the

Colourful butterflies pass.

Everyone seems busy

With life, with work.

They say, my responsibilities

I always shirk.

Scenes outside the window

Fascinate me more,

What’s happening inside

Does nothing but bore.

What the teacher teaches,

I hardly hear,

The squeaks of birds

Enter my ear.

I hear the wind,

The leaves rustling…

Oblivious of the crowd,

Hustling bustling.

In the crowd everyone,

Shoves, pushes…

But I only feel the wind,

As across my face it brushes.

Crassly ringing phones,

Honking cars, alarm bell

The noises make it

A living hell

The morbid buildings,

The greying wall,

The colourless world,

Makes life stall…

I never know how they

All go through it,

How they let their lives

Dull, bit by bit???

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