Sunday, October 2, 2011

Puja 2011 Mahashashti

Durga puja celebrations, 2001, starts off with a bang today.
Though this year i won't be too much involved with all the partying-pandal-hopping-feasting programme, I'll try to have my share of fun.
Mom and her friend gave a stall of "luchi aloo dum" at the Ananda mela.
(Pic 1 & 2 -- the arrangements for it at home.)
(Pic 4 --> mom and aunty selling the stuff)
(pic 3 --> the idol at janakpuri bengali association puja)

EDIT: Pics are in reverse order (pic 1 at bottom, pic 4 at top)

UPDATE: My contribution = "designing" that price chart :-P
UPDATE: The made some hefty profit out of the business too.

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