Wednesday, August 1, 2012 ... coming soon ... a blog for and by tech enthusiasts

An announcement to all followers of my blog (i know i have none, but still just for the sake of an announcement),
A new blog is being set up very soon at

It will be maintained by me and 3 of my best buddies.

TechPhilia will be a blog meant specially for people with technology addiction, especially Electronic, Communication and Computer technology.

The blog shall soon be populated with articles that will cover various aspects like latest gadget reviews, latest gaming suggestions, some neat tips and tricks to apply to your daily tech life, some insight into software development, guides on setting up your hardwares and softwares, and much much more.

All four of us are 17-18 year olds, just passed out of high-school and about to join college.

Also I'd like to mention that from now on any technology related posts will be shifted to and this blog will house more personal-opinion and general-discussion sort of posts.

Keep checking back at :)


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