Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Puja 2011 Mahasaptami

Just like every year, saptami was devoted to seeing the pujas in Dwarka. With the limited time available, we could only visit the "Aikotan" and "Dakshinayan" pujas. Both of them are famous for bringing top quality stars from kolkata and the food stalls at both places are great. We  got to watch Jojo's and Abhijeet Ghoshal's performances at Aikotan and Dakshinayan respectively. Anyone who knows me well would know that i never compromise on food. So i downed some good variety of snacks at both places. Kathi rolls, mughlai paranthas, chicken tikkas, biryani.... i didn't leave out on anything at all! (Shelled out some 250 bucks at least just on snacks. Lol)

THe green-ish looking idol is at Dakshinayan, the other one's at aikotan.

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