Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Are you really helping beggars?

How many times have you come across beggars at a traffic intersection? Maybe innumerable times. And many times you may have given them a coin or two. But are you actually helping them? When a beggar gets alms for the first time, it only encourages them to beg again. This is just the beginning of the process that makes him a beggar for life. More and more people, coming from villages, are considering it now as a viable professional option! Many times children are forced into begging as they garner more alms. Beggars are also a nuisance at traffic intersections and slow down traffic flow. Street crimes are also on the rise due to the increasing number of beggars. It also numerous road accidents. So, the next time you come across a beggar at the Traffic Signal, think before you hand him the coins – Are you really helping a poor person or are you actually inviting three more of his friends to join him? Lastly, if you are really moved seeing the beggars, and want to do something for him, try to get a job for him if you can.

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