Monday, December 22, 2008

Where should the poor go?

Where should the poor go?

How many times have you turned your back on a beggar or discussed about how poverty has become the greatest obstacle for development? Lost your count? Same is the case for all others. We blame the poor for spreading diseases, dirtying the cities, increasing population and what not. But has anyone ever thought from their point of view?


They are totally helpless and that too because of us. How can we expect them to develop when we ourselves do not let them do so? We do not allow them to eat or drink at public places, they are not allowed to enter most public places, Banks are apprehensive of giving them loans, and they are looked down upon in all possible ways.


With so many ‘Don’ts’ hanging in front of them, they find themselves completely trapped in a vicious cycle. Even after being in such a situation, they are blamed of being a blotch on the society. They face discrimination and hatred from the so called rich and superiors. But we must ask ourselves – Are they really at fault? NO. They themselves are not the only ones responsible.


For poverty to be washed out, it is the ‘rich’ and the ‘superiors’ who have to come forward to help. Helping the poor doesn’t mean giving financial aid to them. Helping the poor means opening up avenues for their development, teaching them how to use money and most importantly treating them at par with rest of the society. We have to always keep in mind that hatred and discrimination will only bring about more and more poverty, not alleviate it. They poor are after all human beings just like you and me. They are poor because they have been forced by the circumstances. They don’t enjoy being poor….. they also have the desire to be ‘someone’ in life. But they can come at par only if we let them do so. So…. Don’t want to see poverty vanishing from in front of your eyes????



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