Sunday, January 4, 2009

Youth and Crime

Youth and Crime

India is a very fast developing nation and is expected soon to be one of the most developed nations in the world. But one major obstacle that lies on its path is the increasing crime rate. The most disheartening side of this aspect is that most of the cases coming up are concerning the youths, the future, of our country.


The number of accused in the 18-25 age group is steadily increasing and is indeed a reason for serious concern. One point that is to be noted is that although many cases come to the limelight about rich and spoilt youths committing serious crimes, but statistics show that majority of the accused are from a poor background, forced into the act due to the circumstances. The few Upper Class youths become criminals due to psychological factors or show-off tendency.


It is quite unfortunate that some are forced into stealing, robbery and theft to make their ends meet. Unemployment is also another highly frustrating condition that it paves the way for criminal activities. Another major factor is the high illiteracy rates which blurs the line between good and bad. The dual blow of inflation and then recession has pushed more and more youths over the edge.


In the poorer sections of the society, crime takes place due to need but in the upper/middle classes it happens due to greed. In most cases, working parents have little time to teach the ethics at home and just-for-fun pranks later turn into serious crimes. One can also not rule out the influence of Media, T.V. and Films. Novel methods of committing crimes seen in Films are imitated by the youngsters. Keeping up with the latest trends also requires money and that may sometimes divert a young mind.


Need and Greed are the two factors that are driving today’s youth towards crime. The remedies obviously are providing financial support and counseling. 


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  1. good indeed! Analyzed the psyche of a youngster... Hope, ur consciousness would influence others too !




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