Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tourism in India

Tourism in India

The enormous diversity in flora, fauna, topography, climate, religions, dialects, lifestyle that you may find in India is truly unique to this place.  It is this biological, social and physical diversity that attracts millions of tourists to flock to India, year after year.  Tourism is an industry running well into thousands of crores.  And it also fills the stomachs of millions of Indians.

Yet after looking at these mindboggling figures, one still wonders why can't India bring in as much tourist as compared to other South Asian countries, much smaller than India.  Areas of Indochina or Southeast Asia attract 3-4 times more tourists.

The tourist flow is ever increasing but still far lower than expectation.  In such circumstances people won't believe if they are told that India has the maximum number of world Heritage sites.  It is this decorating situation that has recently made the government take notice of this issue.

To promote tourism and make it a booming business the government just a few days ago launched an aggressive marketing campaign under the tagline- Incredible India.  It is working to draw more tourists and also projecting India as a better tourist destination.  But changes at the grassroots level is necessary.  Indian culture boasts of good hospitality and yet it is the inhospitable environment faced by tourists that drive them away.

What we actually need to do was to make all the services as hasslefree as possible for the tourists.  We must ensure that not a single incident of harassment faced by tourists take place.  Most importantly we have to educate all the people relate to the tourism industry one simple equation - more the number of tourists the more will they earn, so they should better co-operate.

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